This car came to us with very dull paint, severe swirl marks and scratches, oxidised headlights and incredibly dirty wheels. Just have a look at the photos.

Perfecting this car was a bit of a task. We first had to complete a high pressure wash to get rid of any large surface debris. This included a wheel clean using special chemicals to remove brake particles. We then did a paint decontamination, followed by a 3-stage cut and polish to remove all those swirl marks and bring the shine back. We also did a headlight restoration and a full interior detail. This car is now good as new!

If you have a look at the before photos in pictures above, you’ll see that the paint on the fenders, bumper, and bonnet looks like it’s seen better days. The paint on the doors and the rest of the car look as if one of this guy’s mates went over it with a wire brush. The headlights look like they’ve been through hell and back about three times. If this was your car and you were looking to sell it, you would be losing at least a few thousand in potential value. For the cost of only a few hundred bucks, we did all this work on it with a one day turn around time, and as you can see, it looks squeaky clean!

If your car looks like what this Lexus used to, then give us a call and we’ll do our best to get it looking brand new again. Come and see why we’re the best car detailing business in Adelaide.