Car Detailing Adelaide

Restoration. Protection. Maintenance.

Ceramic Coating Special - $719


Wheel Cleaning (Tyres & Rims)

High Pressure Rinse

Snow Foam Cannon Pre-Soak (Gently Softens Grime & Dirt)

Hand-Wash with Microfibre Mitt (Two Bucket Method)

Decontamination Stage (Clay Bar & Iron Removal)

Fine Brush Detailing (Fuel Tank, Badges, Trims Etc)

Dry with Microfibre Towel

Isopropyl Wipe Down

Paint Correction Machine Polishing (1,2 or 3 Stage Paint Correction)

2nd Isopropyl Wipe Down to Remove Remaining Oils and Polishing Residue

2 Layers of Ceramic Coating – Up to 24-month Protection

Silica-Based Paint Sealant (Applied 12 hours Later Once Coating is Fully Cured)

Tyre Dressing & Window Cleaning


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What we have is a passion for cars. We understand there’s nothing more satisfying than that brand new car feeling.

At Next Level Detailing, we can restore your car, so it looks and feels good as new. Our pristine work paired with our love of cars ensures you will be satisfied with our detailing services. Whether you are looking to correct your car’s paint job, a headlight restoration, or give your car seats a proper steam clean, we are the car detailers in Adelaide to call.

Reliable Car Detailers in Adelaide 

Whether your car’s paint is looking a little worse for wear or the interior is a mess, we are the trusted car detailers in Adelaide. We offer a range of car detailing services in Adelaide to transform your car back to its former glory. 

Although we are a relatively new company, our services are unmatched. We are committed to quality services and achieve this with our attention to detail. When you receive your car back from us, you can be sure we have done everything to bring your car back to its former glory.

By using the highest quality products and equipment, your car will sparkle clean without so much as a scratch. We spare nothing when it comes to caring for your vehicle, and treat is as it is our own. We charge prices below the industry standard without compromising on quality, so our car detailing in Adelaide is accessible for all. 

Car Detailing Services Across Adelaide 

At Next Level Detailing, we provide professional car detailing for Adelaide residents to level up their car. Our comprehensive detailing services include: 

  • Ceramic Coating: a thin protective layer that lies on top of your car’s paint to protect it from the elements 
  • Car Debadging: removing the badges on your boot and polishing the area underneath 
  • Interior Detailing: restoring the interior of your car to look brand new 
  • Headlight Restoration: polishing your headlights to bring back a glossy, clear finish 
  • Maintenance Washes: maintaining the finish of your car 
  • Paint Correction: polishing the paint on your car to achieve a perfect, brand-new finish
  • Upholstery Cleaning: deep cleaning your car’s seats and carpet 

Wheel Cleaning: breaking down the graphite compounds stuck to your wheels to get them looking good as new, using specialised chemicals 



Paint Correction

Ceramic Coating

Maintenance Washes

Headlight Restoration

Interior Detailing

Upholstery Cleaning

Wheel Cleaning



Here at Next Level Detailing, we charge prices that are below the industry standard without any compromises. We believe car detailing should be accessible to all in Adelaide.


From professional equipment, to high quality sealants and gels, we spare nothing when it comes to the care of your beloved vehicle. You can be sure that only the highest quality products are being used on your car, and you are supporting a local Adelaide business!


We don’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to detailing your vehicle. When you receive your car back, you can be sure that we have done everything we can to make it look picture perfect.